Audi Q7 the most powerful series diesel by ABT Sportsline

ABT, Tuning

audi q7 abt 300x212 Audi Q7 the most powerful series diesel by ABT Sportsline

World’s largest tuner of vehicles from the Volkswagen group has merely made it its business to take the most powerful car diesel engine of all times, built in the Audi Q7. Germans from ABT Sportsline has increased the power of Audi Q7 at 560 HP and motor torque was maximum increased to 1200 Nm. The model can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.3 seconds and reaches 258 km/h.

Tuners from ABT Sportsline have changed the most powerful version of the Q7 model ever created. Germans propose a power kit for the SUV from Ingolstadt, for customers who require superior dynamic performance. Since departure from the factory, the V12 TDI propeller of 5934 cubic centimeters develops 500 HP at 3750 rpm. ABT AS7 develops 560 HP engine and a torque of 1200 Nm.

The performance curves gain as much importance as the top values, from which it is soon clear that the additional HP has not been achieved at the cost of exorbitant revolution speed, but is available just as early as in the series standard – at 3750 rpm.

Maximum power is offered at 3750 rpm, while engine torque is offered between 1750 rpm and 3250 rpm, as the standard version of propeller. Increased engine power assist new ABT AS7 to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.2 seconds, despite the mass of 2.6 tones. Maximum speed of the germane model is 258 km / h. The only aesthetics change applied by ABT Sportsline to Q7 model is adding a set of rims of 22 inches for the AS7 with the most powerful diesel engine of all time, created from light alloy.

Right in accordance with the motto “powerful engine – powerful design”.

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The G-Power M3 Tornado

G-Power, Tuning

German tuner G-Power has developed a supercharger system for BMW M3 model, called Tornado, which sets new standards in regards of design, quality and performance. Using gentle soft charging with just 0,3 bar (relative) boost, the output of the V8 engine is pushed from 420 hp to 500 hp and the torque increases from 400 Nm up to 480 Nm.
Entire 9 months of waiting, were not left without amazing results. Intensive development started with the CAD design and followed by prototyping and completed with test drives and hot climate tests in the United Arab Emirates.

500 hp and 480 Nm of torque, achieved through gentle soft charging with just 0, 3 bar (relative) boost, let the BMW M3 appear completely changed. Already from 3.000 rpm on the supercharged G-POWER M3 TORNADO pulls like the standard BMW M3 revving twice as much, but then the G-POWER M3 TORNADO really starts to flex its muscles: from 5.000 rpm on until redline the G-POWER M3 TORNADO provides constantly about 20 % more torque than the factory car, this provides an acceleration that feels like being dragged by a bungee cord.

This output explosion is based on the heart of the G-POWER supercharger system, the all new T1-518 ASA centrifugal supercharger. By the way the ASA superchargers are being used in the ALPINA models B5S, B6S and B7 as well, just like the ALPINA B6 GT3 race car, in which the chargers could state there impressive quality and reliability during 3.500 km in the “Green Hell” of the Nurburgring at the 24th hour race on may 23rd and 24th!

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The rear silencer for BMW X6 xDrive50i by Hartge

Hartge, Tuning

We can say that the new x6 will looks a lot like X5, as the front is similar to X5, but large differences occur in the back line, where the flag falls heavily to the taillights,  giving a line of a coupe, with only one with off-road capabilities.

The result is ensured by a new system called BMW Dynamic Performance Control, which controls the chassis and the running rail combined with a traction integral xDrive, which can vary the torque bridge when you lose traction on one of them. Once the car detects a possible under turn – or overturn of the vehicle, the system will vary on each distribution of traction wheels to ensure a perfect draw in curves. In other words, not ESP, but more than that, the car can accelerate even in strongly close curved.

Buyers who will buy this model at BMW since Spring 2008 may choose between xDrive50i, equipment including a twin-engine turbo V8 of 4.4. liters, 400 horses and 610Nm, and xDrive35i, including a twin-turbo engine with six cylinders in-line 3.0-liter, which develops 300CP and 406Nm.

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