Lascar Wheels by AEZ

AEZ, Tuning

Lascar Aez model launched this year show from the hardness and strength of the volcano with the same name from the northern republic Chile. It is impressive by its dimensions (up to 8.5 x 20 and 9.5 x 20), surprising color (design bi color – anthracite mat with polis face that creates the impression of movement even when it stationary), aggressive behavior by design (5 spite asymmetric cut and so leave to the brake disks).

Aez Lascar rims are compatible with limousines and sports cars like Audi A6, Chrysler 300C, Mercedes E Class or S, Nissan 350Z or BMW M-series. Being the first manufacturer of wheels aflter market which implemented technology ‘EH2 + Hump “, the AEZ optimized and the Lascar model so that it can be used in combination with run flat tires.

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The 997 GT2 up to 800hp by Switzer Performance

Switzer Performance, Tuning

You may see so far modified versions of the Porsche 997 GT2 model, but that today is one of the most powerful.

Before entering the subject, let go little over a list of tuners that thunderous the germane super car: 9ff (670 HP), Wimmer (680 HP), TechArt (700 HP) and, last but not least, Sportec (750 HP).

If everything we utter before are just European companies, now we are faced with a tuner for over Ocean: Switzer Performance. In this case, the 997 GT2 develop not less than 800 horsepower.

List of changes includes two custom Garret GT30R turbines, we intercoolers, larger injectors and a new exhaust system. In addition, the ECU the original has been preserved, but benefit from software calibration Switzer DME.

How the U.S. has not announced and performance of this model, there remains only to “delight” with price changes: $ 39,000.

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The Audi S8 5.2l V10 by Mariani

Mariani, Tuning

What may be a white Audi S8 with the rims 19 or 20, prepared by a tuner called Mariani than a true pimp car?

Audi S8 is not the standard configuration, a model very ostentatious, being a car with a even conservative image. However, if the tuner is entitled Mariani, a very strange name for a german tuner and main ingredient is white; this model comes about as Audi highlights.

Audi S8 is discreet, but still out. This seems to be the best description of the images below. And although the changes are limited, they make presence felt.

And to attract more attention to design, the grill is placed on the opposite side of the chromatic spectator, in strong contrast with spotless color. Guard ramp is lowered by 60 mm and rims fitted to this model are prepared either 19 inches or 20.

V10 propelling power is climbed from 450 HP to 501 HP. About dynamic improvements does not say anything, but we expect this model to reach 100 km / h in less than 5 seconds, and in standard version in 5.1 seconds.

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