The Murcielago TT by Heffners Performance

Heffners Performance, Tuning

Heffner Performance tuning is a U.S. tuning firm which recently failed to carry out an ambitious project: the installation of two turbines on engine of a Lamborghini Murcielago.

For some owners of Lamborghini Murcielago, 570 hp is not enough. And four driving wheels are too much. Heffner Performance has given birth to a Lamborghini Murcielago that develops no less than 1100 hp.

This performance was achieved with two turbines, but because of the doubling of capacity (a usually model develops 580 hp) and because it is equipped with back traction rear. This is also why the tuner has not announced the time required to accelerate the car from 0 to 100 km / h or 0 to 200 km / h, mentioning only that the model takes 5.1 seconds to reach 100 to 210 km / h.

And the two turbine deal with engine overeating, leading not only to enormous power but also to great couple. The Heffner Twin Turbo Murcielago is an absolute blast to drive and sounds like nothing we have ever heard.

Heffner announced the Lamborghini Murcielago TwinTurbo that is not ready yet, so it could become even more performance.

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The new Exeo ST by JE Design

Je Design, Tuning

SEAT launched a new Exeo, JE Design has changed him. SEAT came now with the new ST Exeo, Je Design get on its tuning. Changes? In much the same.

New tuning of Seat Exeo ST Version is actually a continuation of the kit which the company created for Exeo sedan model and presented publicly in April. The project intends to make from the “limousine of middle class” a «sport with four-door.”

On the exterior, Sports Tourer got a new body kit includes a front grille without logo (199 euro), a new front spoiler (379 Euro), a set of side sills (EUR 399), a rear speaker with carbon looking (299 euro) and a spoiler for the roof (199 euro). Moreover, we also have an exhaust system with four exhaust mufflers (899 million), springs that descend clearance to the ground by 35 mm (219 euro) and a new set of wheels of 19 inch plus tires 235/35 R 19 (2930 euro).

Under the hood, the Germans had changed the two top engines: 2.0 TDI’s 170 hp & 350 Nm 2.0 TDI’s 200 hp & 280 Nm. In case of first engine, the maximum speed increased to 215 hp and 410 Nm, while in the case of the second talk now of 245 hp and 355 Nm.

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The Leon Cupra by JE Design

Je Design, Tuning

Already powerful Leon Cupra got acquainted with the chisel and hammer from JE Design.

One of the most interesting challenges of the tuner is to get a car stuck already well as image and power and to turn it into an original and more radical model. This is the situation of the guys from JD Design, taking a Seat Leon Cupra to recover little the look and performance.

After they have changed the new SEAT Leon, people from JE Design went on to Cupra version. As we are accustomed, the Germans were not limited to aesthetic changes, but have get “dirty hands” and with TFSI engine.

On the outside we are dealing with a lot of fireworks design, starting with the front spoiler with an interesting image (some would say weird) and ending the wheels “Multispoke by JE Design” of 19 inch in 225/35 tires. The enthusiasts of tuning phenomenon will certainly appreciate the four tailpipes. And now the other side: the engine.

So under the hood is exposed the same 2.0 TDI available in series, its power increased from 240 to 285 horsepower and torque reaches 385 Nm (from 300 in the original version). Direct consequences: top speed climbs to 261 km / h (from 247) and acceleration 0-100 km / h takes place in 5.9 seconds.

New dates of performance have also and another cause: the descent of the suspension by 30 millimeters and the possibility of installing as optional elements, the variable suspension.

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