The Audi R8 by Senner Tuning

Senner Tuning, Tuning

Senner Tuning Ingelheim, located near Mainz, Germany, offers for Audi vehicles what they really deserve – finest tuning and unique individualization for Audi R8 4.2 V8 FSI. Super Sport Concept is particularly remarkable for its technique, that has been thoroughly tested by mile-long test distances. At the same time car appearance is of utmost importance.

Super Sport Concept Program consists in uprating, exhaust system modification, body adjustable sport suspension and in special 20” wheel set.
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Porsche Bi-Turbo with 827 hp by Wimmer

Tuning, Wimmer

Not long ago a team of experts of Thorsten Wimmer created a very successful tuning package for Porsche GT2, and there comes its hyper-successful update. The Wimmer RS car tuner from Solingen calls his latest power package “GT2 Speed”, and this is a real tribute to its name – “Speed”. Certainly, its performance data speaks for itself: 827 hp at 7,400 rpm and 948 Nm of torque. You shouldn’t forget about the power-to-weight-ratio of 1.84 Kg/hp and v-max of 378 km/h depending on translation. Jesus, what else do you want!?

There’s no doubt: one who has ever had an opportunity to drive Porsche GT2 will hardly complain about the lack of engine performance while driving this car or after that. After all, Porsche GT2 will be produced serially with the high powered engine, that without any efforts makes the car disappear in seconds turning into blue mist. Even the thought of the total power of 827 hp will make the mouths of hp-freaks water.
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The Audi TT RS by MTM

Mtm, Tuning

MTM TT-RS: a worthy successor of the legendary Ur-Quattro

* MTM launches the TT RS with up to 84 BHP more than the series car
* 3 stages of power enhancement with 404, 408 and 424 BHP – Vmax 297 km/h – 0-100 4.2 sec
* Sport rims with the original BIMOTO design

It is still being good for best lap timing: the MTM Ur-Quattro S1, with its 5 cylinders engine, has once again shown this summer that it gets around the Hockenheimring almost as fast as the Porsche Armada. 25 years younger as the legendary S1 and directly from the same development department, the tuning specialist presents the MTM TT-RS with the rebirth of the 5 cylinders engine as perfect motorization for drivers who like their car being suitable for racing. After the MTM power therapy, the sport car from Audi gets a power of 424 BHP and 560 Nm of torque and shows itself with a new aerodynamic which is based on the Ur-Quattro.

The secret: love for details and understanding of the new engine from Audi. In addition to the adjustment of the engine control unit, MTM has also worked on the exhaust system: new middle- and end- pipes with throttle valves. Moreover, an additional pre-pipe with metal catalyser can be built in. The result: a high-revving engine, lots of torque in every range of performance and an impressive sound thanks to MTM exhaust system technology with throttle valve. A compact sports car which will be good for best lap times and this not only on the small track of Hockenheim.
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