Gallardo LP600 by Edo Competition

Tuning, edo competition

A little more unique? A little sportier?
edo competition presents the LP600/4 with added spice

600 – 340 – 3.5 …  No, these are not the dimensions of what Santa’s about to bring. These are the three most prominent figures of the new edo LP600/4.

600 stands for its power output, 340 for its top speed and 3.5 seconds is how long it takes to accelerate to 100 km/h (62 mph) from a dead stop.
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The 386 hp Golf GTI by Wimmer

Tuning, Wimmer

Wimmer RS from Solingen has for a long time established its reputation by spectacular car conversions. Nevertheless, strict appropriateness for daily use is also programmed by Wimmer RS. VW Golf VI GTI 2.0 TFSI with its powerful 211 hp engine is a thoroughbred sports car already ex works. After a kind of fitness cure at Wimmer RS tuning forgery, the little sports car will definitely become a weapon.

Now, GTI turbo engine generates full 386 hp with the torque of 455 Nm. This is due to an optimized turbo loader with manifold, the use of a sports CAT, the adaptation of the intake system, the modified fuel pump, innovative injection valves, piston rod and intercooler as well as high grade steel sports exhaust system. Don’t forget the proprietary engine electronics and the modification of the TSI-unit. All this provides for the maximum speed of 267 km/h or 166 mph respectively. For safety reasons Solingen has furthermore installed a sports clutch that guarantees better power transmission and very high driving stability.
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The 500hp BMW M3 by ATT Autotechnik

ATT Autotechnik, Tuning

M3 is used to characterize 3 series top model of German car producer BMW. ATT tuner called its new power car Thunderstorm M3. Rastatt tuning specialists put much effort and creativity not only in design but also in great driving performance. At first glance you cannot estimate the scope of retrofitting, but the design is definitely not too stylish. Moreover, ATT has paid attention to powerful performance tuning.

The inbuilt compressor together with engine software optimization greatly increase engine performance. It is provided for by unique exhaust system with optimized dynamic pressure (available in two sound variations) for 1′355.00 Euro with 4×90 exhaust pipes increasing engine power up to 500 hp. The price for engine retrofitting is 11′749.00 Euros, including installation.
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