Ford Focus RS with 401 HP by Mcchip-dkr GmbH

Mcchip-dkr, Tuning

Quick as a bird and dressed with sportive elegance – these are the strengths of new Ford Focus RS. But in case of Mcchip-dkr still there is another characteristic to add: it is vigorous like a purebred sports car!

The well-known software tuner from Salzgitter/Germany has perfectly attuned the performance to the vehicle. The result is only uncompromising fun from driving but also full suitability for daily use. The engine, completely overhauled by Mcchip-dkr, reaches enormous 401 hp.

Certainly tuned by Mcchip-dkr Focus RS is an outstanding vehicle in any situation. Mcchip offers two power upratings at once. Power stage 1 transforms serial 305 hp (440 Nm) into comfortable 345 hp with no less than 520 Nm. Power stage 1 consists „only“ in software optimization made by Mcchip-dkr, available for 799 Euro, and your car will easily reach the speed of 271 km/h.

However it is power stage 2 for 4,499 Euro that transforms Focus RS into a whole-blood athlete. Power stage 2 gives the car even 401 hp. That is enough to accelerate RS up to 278 km/h without any problems. In addition to that the torque equals to 612 Nm. That means powerful pulling and dynamic drive. The „big“ power stage consists in the enhanced intercooler and sports exhaust system, modified inlet manifold incl. tubes, special sparking plugs as well as world famous and in-house engine electronics.

Self-confident and fast – that is the look of the recent creation by Mcchip-dkr, already available…

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Porsche Panamera by Mcchip-dkr

Mcchip-dkr, Tuning

There is chiptuning and there is chiptuning. Each car has different performance characteristics whose improvement mcchip-dkr individually develops day-to-day.

mcchip-dkr provides a performance of 550 hp and vigorous 775 Nm to the new series from Zuffenhausen (series performance 500 hp and 700 Nm). Concerning the Sportchrono-Version with 770Nm the torque is even raised up to 845Nm. The performance is available over the complete rmp-range. The final velocity also increases about 8 km/h. Thus the Panamera achieves 311 km/h. The tuning at mcchip-dkr costs 1499,00 Euro.

Responsible for the contact to the street is a wheel set (7.969,00 Euro) in 9×22 and 10,5×22 from Cargraphic with high performance tires from Continental labeled 265/30 R22 and 305/25 R22. Alternatively available are Dunlop Sport tires (wheel set with tires from Dunlop 8.089,00 Euro) in size 265/30 R22 and 295/25 R22.

The surcharge for the finishing of the rim stars in semi matte is 179,00 Euro per tire!

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