Audi TT RS with 472 bhp by MTM

Mtm, Tuning

Audi refiner MTM drives 312 km/h with the TTRS in Nardo
Sophisticated technique to ensure best driving values
Complete package including wheels and brakes

How much engine performance do you need to break 300 km/h? The ones who think that this needs more than 500 bhp will learn that this is not correct. The TTRS with 472 bhp by MTM from Wettstetten / Ingolstadt was GPS measured to be 312 km/h at test runs on the Nardo highspeed track in Italy at the beginning of September 2010. For many other tuners a hard nut to crack despite of increased efficiency.

“It’s not decisive what we measure on the dynamometer but how many bhp you get on the road” says Roland Mayer, owner and Head of the technical Department of MTM. The right master plan has a bigger effect on driving dynamics, acceleration times and maximum speed than the search for a maximum in performance values.

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Audi RS5 by MTM

Mtm, Tuning

* Top speed of 303 km/h, thanks to MTM V-Cantronic
* MTM exhaust system and MTM rims in the Bimoto Design are available

No doubt that there will be RS5 drivers who are willing to give their new toy away for an hour. The reward for this short abstinence: a top speed of 303 km/h. This is available with help of the MTM V-Cantronic: a small additional control device, which can be built in by MTM partners or directly at MTM in Wettstetten/Ingolstadt, without any complex reconstruction. The V-Cantronic removes the factory speed limiter of 250 or 280 km/h to 303 km/h. The owners who wait four more hours will be rewarded by a double flood stainless steel exhaust system and the most famous side will be designed definitely sportier and more individual: the rear of the 450 HP sportscar, that Audi started to deliver the last days.

The Audi refiner MTM from Wettstetten offers the first components, which make the RS5 even sportier and even if the power enhancement for the 450 HP engine keeps us waiting, the top speed of 303 km/h is a foretaste of the future MTM RS5. The costs: 1.499 Euros. The stainless steel exhaust system proposed by MTM is with throttle valves and offers not only a good looking rear view with black end pipes (ceramic coating with MTM writing), but also a new sound. The costs: starting at 2.998 Euros.
An individually adjustable spring-kit is in development.

Typically MTM: the nine – spokes Bimoto rims, which are available in 19”, 20” and 21” for the RS5. The 20” Bimoto forged is a special quality . On top of that, MTM advises a MTM spacers-kit, which widens about 20mm. Price for the MTM rims set and tyres start from 2.249 Euros (19”).

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The Golf GTI and GTD by MTM

Mtm, Tuning

The sixth generation of Golf – optional with the 3 magic letters GTI or GTD – is like his predecessors an object of desire for the tuners. Either up to 310 hp

(228 kW) for the GTI or 205 hp (151 kW) for the GTD, the VW and Audi refiner from Wettstetten offers for both cars different power and configuration stages, which improve significantly the characteristics and have a positive effect on the car.

The results: faster lap times, optimum value and lots of recommendations. And that not only in the MTM domains – best vehicle dynamics, thanks to a perfect complete package of power enhancement, exhaust system, suspensions and sport rims – but also for fuel consumption. In a comparative test, the MTM Golf GTD had a fuel consumption less than 8 litres per 100 km, which relegated its competitors to the fringe.

With the GTI for a new takeoff

The GTI drivers of the sixth generation will be spoiled with MTM products, which stand more for technique rather than optics. Four power enhancement stages, beginning with 270 hp (199 kW) through the optimization of the ECU and it even goes further. In its upper stage, MTM reaches more than 300 hp through the modification of the ECU, MTM turbocharger with exhaust manifold and complete 4 pipes exhaust system. The exact characteristics are 310 hp (228 kW) and a torque of 410 Nm, with a time of 1.16 min realized on the small track of Hockenheim, top speed of about 270 km/h and 5,7 seconds from 0 to 100.

MTM provides the new GTI with 19″ sport rims in new BIMOTO 9-spoke-design which offer enough space for the MTM brake system with 380 mm discs. Last but not least, MTM advises the in-house suspension kit, which lowers the front about 30 mm.

For the ones who are only searching ‘a little bit’ more, they are in good hands at MTM. The 60 hp upgrade compared to the series car and also the 18″ sport rims in the Bimoto Design – available since the beginning of 2010 – enable a first entry into MTM high quality tuning already available from 2.698 Euros incl. taxes.

Mighty Diesel power. The Golf GTD by MTM.

With a power upgrade – through ECU modifications – of 205 hp (151 kW) and a torque of 380 Nm, the MTM Golf GTD is clearly ahead of the series GTD, with an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h of 7,1 s instead of  7,8 s and a particularly higher flexibility.

For those who are looking for more than a power upgrade, it’s also possible to revert to MTM’s full range of tuning products. Starting with the well-known MTM exhaust system in 4-pipe-optic and 80 mm diameter, over MTM suspensions, MTM sport rims in the BIMOTO design and MTM brake system, the Golf GTD can perfectly provided with.

Nobody has to be afraid of the prices: 800 Euro (incl. taxes, excl. installation)  for the power upgrade, 1.499 Euro for the 18″ rim set and for the ones who pay an additional charge of 400 Euro even gets a 19″ rim set.

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