Type VIII Racing Forged Wheels by AC Schnitzer for BMW 7, X5 and X6 series

Ac Schnitzer, Tuning

AC Schnitzer is now rolling out a new multipiece wheel. The Forged Racing Wheel Type VIII is based on the design of the Type VI wheel but has even more to offer. The genuine three-piece designer product is a revolution in the broad marketplace for popular spoked wheels, and complements perfectly the styling language of BMW.

The visual charm of the new rim with its classic 5 double-spoke design comes from the cast, forged and machined inner star and a spoke frame held in anthracite.
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The BMW 740i by AC Schnitzer

Ac Schnitzer, Tuning

AC Schnitzer, famous german tuner, will present at the saloon car from Geneva the last model: BMW 7 Series. Available in two colors, black and white, the new BMW 7 Series, variant AC Schnitzer, has received a few aesthetic improvements.

Although the new sevens already have a very aggressive look compared to other BMW models, AC Schnizter decided to get caught with a tuning package very aggressive. The back of the car was raise with few centimeters and rear wings were widen with some millimeter.

Also, AC Schnitzer has received Series 7 and a new spoiler that change the appearance of fine car. Exhaust pipes are the main elements usually modified by AC Schnitzer, and the new 7 Series did not deviate from this rule, receiving two pipes exhaust of a restricted round contour of chromium in the form of trapeze.
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Wheels and sports spring sets for the BMW 7-series by Hartge

Hartge, Tuning

BMW Hydrogen 7 is the result of sustained research and development strategy of creating a model on hydrogen combustion, the project supported mostly by german group. Hydrogen 7 with 12 cylinders of it develops 240 horse power and accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 9.5 seconds. Top speed is electronically limited to 230 km/h.

Support propulsion only on hydrogen is not guaranteed, therefore, german manufacturer has designed a switch for switching on the gas propulsion.

The approach of BMW group has shown that models based on hydrogen combustion can represent a reliable alternative for future production cars. Basically, the issue of carbon dioxide when running on the hydrogen is zero, which is very useful technological innovation in the BMW. A unique limo that combines outstanding features: performed, with impressive performance, power with style, elegance with sovereignty. From any angle you look at BMW 7 Series discover a luxury limo, and a sport car. The uniqueness is underlined by the new motor and excellent choices.
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