The new cool Audi A1 by ABT

ABT, Tuning

It is the new big ABT. “With the new A1, premium quality can now be experienced in all classes”, says Hans-Jürgen Abt. The General Manager of the worldwide largest tuner of vehicles from the VW group stresses that driving enjoyment and agility are particularly important characteristics of the ABT A1. The latest ABT is also a real sports car.

Thanks to ABT POWER the cool little car brings more performance to the road: with the 1.2 TFSI the standard 86 HP (63 kW) becomes a dynamic 115 HP (85 kW), while the larger 1.4 TFSI now offers 150 HP / 110 kW (compared to 122 HP/90 kW) after the rejuvenating therapy. The economic diesel engine with 1.6 litre cubic capacity is now even better nourished: depending on the basic performance, up to 125 HP (90 kW) is put to work. Thanks to the performance springs and the lower centre of gravity the A1 also lies “full” on the road – and in particular ensures enjoyable car driving on winding country roads.

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The new Audi S8 by ABT

ABT, Tuning

Although only just released by Audi, ABT Sportsline is already presenting its version of the new premium limousine A8, the AS8. The luxury liner has been decently yet confidently tuned by the Bavarian company. “With us this extraordinary vehicle doesn’t lose its character, we underline it”, states Hans-Juergen Abt the General Manager of ABT Sportsline.

Even the intention of the Ingolstadt car manufacturer to consistently focus on light construction, indicates how: the A8 is a sporty gentleman, even more so after the power treatment at ABT. Initially the potent turbo diesel with a 4.2 litre cubic capacity has had its performance improved, and other versions will follow soon. “The machine fits the large limousine perfectly”, says Hans-Juergen Abt in justification of the decision.

The series standard 350HP (257kW) is raised by ABT to 385HP (283kW). The torque of the modern diesel engine is impressive: 880 Nm (series standard: 800 Nm) ensure that the luxury liner can easily cope with any situation. Relaxed journeys and sports handling at the limit – everyday business life is particularly enjoyable with the ABT AS8. This is thanks to the air suspension, which has been tailor-made to meet the demands of this extravagant car.

The elegant-sporty car from Kempten also knows how to impress optically: the front spoiler, side sills, the rear aprons with the tailpipe cover and the three-piece rear spoiler underline the design of the limousine and give it a sporty touch.

The new ABT CR alloys, available in expressive 20 and 21 inch sizes, are ideal additions to the overall concept: the wheel is classy, seems light yet has a powerful presence, and discreetly attracts attention. This is particularly the case in combination with the phantom-black coating, which makes the ABT AS8 look classically-modern and sublime beyond all contemporary aberrations.

The fact that a touch of dynamism and aggressiveness does no harm to the luxury liner is shown in the details of the vehicle. The ABT AS8 has been optimised to meet the high demands of its drivers: ABT Sportsline has not changed the elegant glider into a racing car, but carefully into a confident and sporty automobile.

The new ABT AS8 – data and facts

Engine: 4.2 TDI, 4134 ccm capacity
Performance tuning: ABT Power
Performance: 385 HP/283 kW (standard: 350 HP/257 kW)

ABT front wing
ABT side skirts
ABT rear wing (three-part)
ABT rear skirt with exhaust covers

ABT CR wheel in 20 and 21 inches
Available also as complete set of wheels with sports tyres

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The Audi R8 by ABT

ABT, Tuning

Germans from ABT gave details of their latest creation, namely the Audi R8 V10 supercar. Following modifications, propeller of model will deliver 591 hp.

And if to like a tuning company more and more, then this is the Abt Sportsline. First of all for the great way that can show the car after they put hands on her and secondly because regardless of the strength and qualities of the car, they raise a little more standards.

German tuning house Abt Sportsline, specialized in Audi tuning, disclosed the details of their newest project. Latest “victim” of the tuners is the V10 version of R8 supercar. German model had part of a series of mechanical changes and as well as design.

Following the made improvements the V10 propeller of 5.2 liter FSI will deliver 591 hp, 75 hp more than the version number. Once with modifications to the engine, the car has improved the performance, managed to sprint from 0-100 km / h in 3.8 seconds. In terms of maximum speed that can reach R8 V10, engineers of tuning house Abt said that speedometer needle may indicate 322 km / h.

At exterior tuner ABT worked with DTM tuner to create a kit that reveals the sportiness of this model. The package of exterior changes include a new grille for the front side, a new rear spoiler, extensions for front and rear spoilers, side standstills and a 4-pipe exhaust system. Like any tuning house who respects and who really wants to put their mark on the model of a producer, ABT has not ruled out the package wheels, in this case of 20-inch.

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