Bentley GT Supersports Edition by Anderson Germany

Anderson Germany, Tuning

More vigorous than ever before – that’s the new generation Bentley. Another plus of sportiveness the owners of this sports car can get now at ANDERSON GERMANY – tuning forgery de luxe. As tuned or as standard version – the Bentley GT Supersports is surely not the most reasonable luxury car on the market, but its ranking on the popularity scale is rather high. For the ANDERSON GERMANY workshop this was the reason to start a somewhat more expensive tuning program for this Bentley.

At first, the devilish gray and silky matt ANDERSON GERMANY hot rod has got implanted a whole piece of engine power. Thanks to a software optimization, the valve controlled sports exhaust system (weight lowering by 17 kg/38 lb) with racing cats and sports air filter improve the serial power from 630 HP up to spectacular 695 HP.

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Continental GT by TopCar

TopCar, Tuning

In big cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, car sales premium and deluxe suites remain at a stable level. The central streets are overcrowded with expensive black sedans and coupes. Logical phenomenon has people’s need for tuning of its cloned stallions.
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The Bentley W12 Biturbo edo speed GT

Tuning, edo competition

Edo competition has developed the most powerful GT in the world – Bentley edo speed GT. The power output of the 6.0-liter W12 engine was increased to 680 horsepower, turning it into the world’s fastest GT. The new unit delivers a maximum torque output of 880 Nm (649 ft-lb) at 2,500 rpm. With these numbers, the vehicle can sprint to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 4.2 seconds. Due to the new high-performance exhaust system for the speed GT along with the ECU recalibration, the increased output has been achieved.

The sound level of the high performance exhaust can be adjusted with the help of a remote control. The lowered suspension gives the speed GT a sporty appearance and improves the handling capabilities. The wheels can be painted according to the customers’ wishes and a beautiful wrapper for a custom exterior styling is available in any colour.

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