Motorsport Aerodynamik Kit by Sportec

Sportec, Tuning

Part number: 30 50 00 019

Motorsport Aerodynamic Kit for Porsche 997 GT2, consisting:
* full carbon Front lip spoiler for 10% more down force
* full carbon rear wing gurney for 7% more down force
* Wheel arch ventilation gurney for more efficient brake ventilation

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The Porsche 997 GT2 and 997 Turbo by Capristo

Capristo, Tuning

Capristo Exhaust Systems in Sundern is introducing a new sport exhaust system for the Porsche 997 GT2 and the 997 Turbo. This includes a valve-controlled unit and is back pressure optimized.

The exhaust system, made from stainless-steel, was produced using the strictest in emission, quality, and safety regulations. In addition, this system offers an excellent form-fit, a sound of the ultimate kind and a terrific look.

The exhaust system is streamline optimized and comes with two 200 cell metal sport catalysts (OBD suitable). What makes the stainless-steel sport exhaust system look really good are the two ceramic-coated end pipes that were milled from solid material.

An optimal interaction in the exhaust system is achieved in connection with a programmable control unit (Capristo Exhaust Control Box) which is freely programmable via remote control. With this remote control, the control unit can be individually programmed to fit the vehicle’s or the customer’s needs. The Capristo Exhaust Control unit continuously monitors the back pressure of the exhaust gases during the drive and so ensures for a maximum performance yield. Through the monitoring of the back pressure, the boost pressure builds up much faster and therefore, an additional 60Nm – 90Nm and approximately 50HP increase, was measured in the lower range of revolutions per minute (rpm). In the upper range of rpm’s it was an increase of approximately 15HP.

The Capristo sports exhaust system, including racing catalytic converters and a control unit, has a worth of 4.165.00 Euro.

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The Techart GT Street RS

Techart, Tuning

Shift down a gear, come to rest – TECHART has organized the turn of the year very differently. After TECHART’s full size SUV speed record in the Italian Nardo, the TECHART GT Street RS based on the 911 GT2 broke the former lap record at the Sachsenring race track. High speed, pace, uniqueness – 100 % TECHART.

In the comparison carried out by AutoBild SPORTSCARS, TECHART impressively asserted its superiority over the competitors. Already before the record drive on the 3,671-meter circuit, the TECHART GT Street RS impressed spectators and proved its unique versatility. Apart from the sprinter qualities demonstrated several times, which were once more unheard of (from 0 to 100 km/hh in only 3.5 sec), the sports car displayed another quality that was just as important: A 36-yard braking distance at a speed of 100 km/h is looking to find its match. Once again, TECHART’s basic principles were confirmed: TÜV-tested and approved components as well as OEM quality in every detail.

For the conclusion of the extensive test program, the TECHART GT Street RS was able to crown once more the performance achieved on this day. With a lap time of 1:31.94 min, the winner of the Tuner Grand Prix 2008 and 2009 repeatedly demonstrated the TECHART winning gene. With more than 1.95 sec of head start, it left not only the competitors far behind, but improved the current AutoBild SPORTSCARS lap record at the Sachsenring by an unprecedented 4.47 sec.

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