The GTR 20″ wheel and tire set for Audi TT RS by Cargraphic

Cargraphic, Tuning

German tuning company Mcchip has revealed two performance kits for recently launchers RS Audi TT – a model already outstanding performance. If the version number of 2.5-liter engine develops 340 HP, now it has 380 or 400 HP.

Launched at the Auto Salon in Geneva, the most powerful version of the famous Audi TT, the TT RS is under hood an engine TFSI of 2.5 liters that develops 340 HP and 450 Nm. It appears that these values are not enough, so tuners have started working on kits performance coupe that turns the TT into a real rocket on 4 wheels.

Mcchip German company unveiled two performance versions of the new Audi TT RS . The first package, “Stage 1″, which costs 899 Euro, increased engine power to 340 HP and 450 Nm to 380 HP and 550 Nm. Although complete technical data were not made public, Mcchip claim that the vehicle has a maximum speed increased to 300 km / h.

Furthermore, in a few weeks, the company will package and “Stage 2″ which leads to a maximum power 400 HP engine. In addition to dynamic performance, the new Audi TT RS receives Cargraphic gtr 9×20 wheels with 255/30 R20 Continental tires that cost 6600 euro.

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The Avalanche GTR 650 EVO-R by Gemballa

Gemballa, Tuning

The president and founder Uwe Gemballa continues his successful story with the AVALANCHE GTR 650 EVO-R and presented the face-lifted version of the current AVALANCHE-generation. With spectacular equipment, design and an auto body which has been broadened with Thyssen steel, lets you without words and touches the top of world sports car. But for Gemballa nothing is enough, the AVALANCHE GTR 650 EVO-R offers elaborate, supreme technology and with 650 hp it delivers an enormous top speed of 332 km/h that just complete the enormous pleasure of driving of the highest fastidiousness.

At first glance, the AVALANCHE shows an appropriate link with the greatest sports car league. The designed gull wing doors and the new front headlights from the Carrera GT, leave an amazing visual accent. The same applies for the powerful metal extensions which were specially produced in a Thyssen Group subsidiary and then directly welded to the body shell. The GEMBALLA technicians developed a custom-made bonnet and side skirts as well, but the front wings are replaced by a carbon version. Following the facelift of the current Porsche 911 induction engine models, GEMBALLA gives the AVALANCHE a new vision as well. The entirely re-designed front skirt is a part of this modernization. The integrated carbon front lip conveys the air to the large cooling slits and gives the car an even more lowered look.

The rear section of the AVALANCHE, also supported a makeover: the most significant feature is the use of LED tail lamps from the current Porsche 911. But this is not all; this is additionally enhanced by a new rear skirt. The integrated rear diffuser can either be selected with a varnish or in carbon fiber and offers space for the four end pipes of the sport exhaust system. Together with the carbon rear wing, it renders additional down thrust at the rear axle. A big accent was put on aerodynamic efficiency by engineering of the AVALANCHE GTR 650 EVO-R. To obtain a perfect design in perfect surface quality, that will reduce the lifting force, the body components were perfectly adjusted to each other.
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The Nissan GTR Skyline R35 Aerodynamics by Ventross

Tuning, Ventross

Vorsteiner will offer new Ventross Nissan GT-R on 1 June 2009. But thunderous car will not be for mass produced. Components will be available only by order, only for willing / paying. Ventross hope that will have successes with the new tuning package.

The aerodynamic package consists of two components. The first is the front, which has larger air holes in carbon fiber, for cooling radiators. Is present and a system for cooling of brakes. The front spoiler offers a aggressive design and is made of carbon fiber. The all-new lightweight dry carbon fiber aerodynamic package consists of a front fascia replacement and a full lower rear diffuser.

The Ventross GTR R35 aerodynamic package is now available through select Ventross & Vorsteiner dealers. The long awaited Ventross by Vorsteiner front bumper cover has now been finally released and has officially commenced production.
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