The BMW 5-series Gran Turismo by Hartge

Hartge, Tuning


The extent of lowering can vary depending on the vehicle’s engine version and equipment.

31 07 0600 F – HARTGE sports spring set for 550i, 30 mm lower.
31 07 0500 F – HARTGE sports spring set for 530d and 535i, 30 mm lower.

Car Body

99 49 3904 G – HARTGE insignia 140 x 16 mm.
99 49 2904 G – HARTGE insignia, blue 140 x 32 mm.
99 63 0000 J – HARTGE set of emblems for bonnet and boot lid.

Cockpit / Interior

41 46 0049 J – HARTGE set of aluminium pedals (2) for automatic gear box.
41 46 0051 J – HARTGE aluminium foot rest.
99 49 0100 G – HARTGE aluminium emblem for steering wheel – “HARTGE” embossed O 45.5 mm for all BMWs from 09/98.

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Hartge`s aerodynamic kit for BMW X6

Hartge, Tuning

German tuner Hartge has created an aerodynamic kit for the BMW X6. This is the second aesthetic kit from Hartge for BMW x6.

Just two months after Hartge has a kit for BMW x6 outside, the German tuning house has developed a new aerodynamic package for the Bavarian model. This outdoor kit was created to give BMW x6 a more aggressive look.

The new aesthetic package for BMW x6 contains the same elements that contain first Hartge kit for x6, but they offer repainted and offer to Sports Activity Coupe from the BMW a special look.

The model received a new front bar, which has a prominent lower part, and headlamps are framed by two elements from aluminum polis. Wings have been inflated to make room for large rims of Hartge Classic Series and lateral thresholds were changed to some bigger, which complete the look of this model.

Back bar got a new shape and a deflection of air, which is framed by two rectangular exhaust, of large size. Exhaust system is available in two versions; both can be equipped with a stainless steel silencer. Thus, the exhaust from Hartge is available in a version with rectangular tips and in a version with round tubes. For now, Hartge has not announced the price of this kit aesthetic.

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The new program for the BMW 1-series by Hartge

Hartge, Tuning

If you have the most possible economical BMW model that does not mean that you have not sporting inclinations, right? And even if it is small and economical, we are talking of a diesel that has enough potential.

Exactly that potential  have seen and those from Hartge and they get to exploit it a bit, finally putting to the holders of the 116d a small package of tuning.

First HARTGE offers an improved software that can enlarge engine power of 2.0 liter turbo-diesel from 115cp and 143cp up to 260Nm and 315nm.

Given that the car is still a small car; the end result will make the 116d a pretty fun car. If however your software does not seem funny enough, Hartge provides and an upgrade for a suspension kit sport springs which lowers the car by 25mm guard.

For sound is responsible for evacuation system, which can be chosen in two variants: with simple ornament or with two. And that not all, is expected aerodynamic package soon.

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