The BMW M3 by Avus Performance

Avus Performance, Tuning

The BMW M3 has always been one of the sportiest cars around. To make an M3 even sportier Avus Performance in Berlin put their hands on the M3. A modified suspension, exhaust system and carbon exterior and interior parts are only half of the beautiful looking M3. The german tuner in Berlin has a premiere for the European market. Wheels by ADV.1 which make the M3 an absolutely unique car. These wheels can be build in any size and colors like matt bronze or matt gunmetal (like the ones on the pictures) with 9×20 with 245/30/20 front and 10,5×20 with 295/25/20.

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The 500hp BMW M3 by ATT Autotechnik

ATT Autotechnik, Tuning

M3 is used to characterize 3 series top model of German car producer BMW. ATT tuner called its new power car Thunderstorm M3. Rastatt tuning specialists put much effort and creativity not only in design but also in great driving performance. At first glance you cannot estimate the scope of retrofitting, but the design is definitely not too stylish. Moreover, ATT has paid attention to powerful performance tuning.

The inbuilt compressor together with engine software optimization greatly increase engine performance. It is provided for by unique exhaust system with optimized dynamic pressure (available in two sound variations) for 1′355.00 Euro with 4×90 exhaust pipes increasing engine power up to 500 hp. The price for engine retrofitting is 11′749.00 Euros, including installation.
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The G-Power M3 Tornado

G-Power, Tuning

German tuner G-Power has developed a supercharger system for BMW M3 model, called Tornado, which sets new standards in regards of design, quality and performance. Using gentle soft charging with just 0,3 bar (relative) boost, the output of the V8 engine is pushed from 420 hp to 500 hp and the torque increases from 400 Nm up to 480 Nm.
Entire 9 months of waiting, were not left without amazing results. Intensive development started with the CAD design and followed by prototyping and completed with test drives and hot climate tests in the United Arab Emirates.

500 hp and 480 Nm of torque, achieved through gentle soft charging with just 0, 3 bar (relative) boost, let the BMW M3 appear completely changed. Already from 3.000 rpm on the supercharged G-POWER M3 TORNADO pulls like the standard BMW M3 revving twice as much, but then the G-POWER M3 TORNADO really starts to flex its muscles: from 5.000 rpm on until redline the G-POWER M3 TORNADO provides constantly about 20 % more torque than the factory car, this provides an acceleration that feels like being dragged by a bungee cord.

This output explosion is based on the heart of the G-POWER supercharger system, the all new T1-518 ASA centrifugal supercharger. By the way the ASA superchargers are being used in the ALPINA models B5S, B6S and B7 as well, just like the ALPINA B6 GT3 race car, in which the chargers could state there impressive quality and reliability during 3.500 km in the “Green Hell” of the Nurburgring at the 24th hour race on may 23rd and 24th!

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