Porsche Panamera Turbo by Edo Competition

Tuning, edo competition

Moby Dick with 750 PS
edo competition presents the most powerful Panamera Turbo with a host of goodies

A Panamera Turbo doesn’t distinguish itself as the most understated looking vehicle on the road, but edo competition takes it a step further still.

So far the specialist company from Ahlen in Westphalia has mainly had sports cars from manufacturers such as Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche in its order books, but now edo competition has taken on a four-door sedan from Porsche, and completed a customization project incorporating numerous upgrades.

An important visual ingredient is the aerodynamics package from Mansory, which was installed on customer request. The new rear valance provides a lot of room for the high performance exhaust system developed by edo competition, featuring four large stainless steel exhaust tips and butterfly valves.

The edo electronic lowering module offers precise handling and improved vehicle dynamics. The new 22 inch wheels do their part to enhance the Panamera’s athletic appearance. If desired, the wheels can be custom painted to match the exterior of the vehicle or to provide a contrast.

The main focus, however, was on performance.

It’s not that a stock Panamera Turbo is short on power, but if a customer asks for an extra helping, edo competition is more than happy to accommodate these wishes and come up with a professional solution.

After a development time of almost two years, the technicians have finalized an engine that is – in contrast to the efforts of others – not the result of a project with ever-increasing power targets and a multitude of tweaks, but one that was designed for big power from the outset. The output of the Panamera’s twin-turbo V8 was increased from 368 kW / 500 hp to 551 kW / 750 hp, enabling the four-door sedan to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h (62 mph) in under 4 seconds, and to achieve an electronically governed top speed of 340 km/h (211 mph), depending on the tires used.

As part of the engine modifications, the exhaust system was also completely redesigned. The revised tips complement the design of the new carbon fiber rear valance and a fantastic exhaust note adds to the driver’s enjoyment.

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Porsche Carrera GT Stage II by Kubatech

Kubatech, Tuning

Kubatech – an engine software expert from Mechernich – has increased performance of the 612-hp Porsche Carrera GT by extra 48 hp. The top speed increasing just by 13 km/h rises the torque by 52 Nm. Improvement in performance is caused by modified engine electronics and the Cargraphic sport exhaust system.

By this tuning, the Porsche Carrera GT has become more powerful. After performance improvement by the software optimization, the power was increased from standard 612 hp to 660 hp. At the same time, the torque has risen from 590 Nm up to spectacular 642 Nm. The top speed of the standard Carrera GT goes over 330 km /h. Engine tuning has reduced the time of acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h. The top speed now is only 330 km/h instead of 343 km/h indicated in the data sheet.

A new high-grade steel Cargraphic sport exhaust system provides a fine balance of power and sound.

The cost of the tremendous increase in performance “Stage II” for the Porsche Carrera GT is 10699 Euro including the exhaust system. Installation takes about 2-3 working days, including special adjustment using our proprietary dynamometer.

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The Grand GT based on the Porsche Panamera by Techart

Techart, Tuning

World Premiere in Zurich
Based on the Porsche Panamera, the TECHART GrandGT combines all of the features, for which TECHART is known, into one program – exceptional sportiness in combination with unique comfort. The masculine and extravagant level of the Panamera individualization will celebrate its world premiere at the Auto Zurich Car Show from November 11 to 14, 2010.

Exceptional Character – Visible and Invisible
Original TECHART programs have always stood for highest quality. This fundamental principle has been incorporated in TECHART’s new exterior package for the Panamera without any compromises. The consistent and intelligent use of selected high-tech materials and a unique style of design ensure that the TECHART GrandGT leverages its exceptional character.

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