Audi RS5 by MTM

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* Top speed of 303 km/h, thanks to MTM V-Cantronic
* MTM exhaust system and MTM rims in the Bimoto Design are available

No doubt that there will be RS5 drivers who are willing to give their new toy away for an hour. The reward for this short abstinence: a top speed of 303 km/h. This is available with help of the MTM V-Cantronic: a small additional control device, which can be built in by MTM partners or directly at MTM in Wettstetten/Ingolstadt, without any complex reconstruction. The V-Cantronic removes the factory speed limiter of 250 or 280 km/h to 303 km/h. The owners who wait four more hours will be rewarded by a double flood stainless steel exhaust system and the most famous side will be designed definitely sportier and more individual: the rear of the 450 HP sportscar, that Audi started to deliver the last days.

The Audi refiner MTM from Wettstetten offers the first components, which make the RS5 even sportier and even if the power enhancement for the 450 HP engine keeps us waiting, the top speed of 303 km/h is a foretaste of the future MTM RS5. The costs: 1.499 Euros. The stainless steel exhaust system proposed by MTM is with throttle valves and offers not only a good looking rear view with black end pipes (ceramic coating with MTM writing), but also a new sound. The costs: starting at 2.998 Euros.
An individually adjustable spring-kit is in development.

Typically MTM: the nine – spokes Bimoto rims, which are available in 19”, 20” and 21” for the RS5. The 20” Bimoto forged is a special quality . On top of that, MTM advises a MTM spacers-kit, which widens about 20mm. Price for the MTM rims set and tyres start from 2.249 Euros (19”).

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