Brabus Mercedes-Benz G-Class V12 S Biturbo

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Why would they build such a machine? It’s pretty simple – because they can. And more importantly, someone will happily cut down the sum of $480,000 to put one car in their collection. Like any real outfit calling themselves a premier German tuner. This time around, they’ve once again outdone themselves for the sake of the buyer and shoehorned their most powerful Mercedes-Benz derived engine -  520kW (700hp), 6.3L, V12 biturbo – into the most unlikely candidate – a G Class purpose-built off-roader.

The most impressive item in the whole Brabus G V12 S Biturbo package is the powerplant. It’s borrowed from an S600 and features an increased displacement from 5.5L to 6.3L via larger cylinders, bore and special cams. A bespoke crankshaft with longer stroke was included internally, while two bigger snails were bolted on as well. Redesigned stainless steel exhausts allow for a louder, deeper tone. A newly mapped ECU keeps the German mechanical madness operating in unison.

Even with all the power, lowered suspension and 22 in alloys, Brabus still clamors that their G Wagon monster is the same true off-roaderas it was straight from Mercedes Given its claimed performance numbers, though, all indications point to it likely never seeing a dirt path in its pampered lifetime. If owners can keep the tires from melting (literally), 100 km/h comes in a scant 4.3 sec before hitting a limited 240 km/h top speed. About entering the corners you can forget, because despite the tuned running gear, the G V12 is still a top-heavy behemoth.

And so as we are used to see only chic accessorized cabins from Brabus interior designers, this roomy SUV, the latest model is all the same, with its great interior. They would make the cabin personally for everyone, anything an owner desires will be there, starting with full multimedia and getting to office connectivity systems. This model is embellished with Mastik leather, alcantara and wood grain on nearly every exposed stock surface, and of course its seats, instrument display and sills are all of the best choice.

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