Brake System for MINI Cooper S by AC Schnitzer

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Enjoy driving comfort to the full without restriction, and be prepared for every situation: thanks to the High performance brake system by AC Schnitzer for the MINI Cooper S (R55, R56, R57, R52, R53, JCW).

Germans from AC Schnitzer have launched a sports brake kit for Mini Cooper S in supplementing the existing package for this model.

Mini Cooper S has a sports braking package from AC Schnitzer in completing generous tuning program which will provide the Germans for the Cooper S. The Kit braking offers outstanding performance in any conditions and eliminates the phenomenon of fading.

Package created by tuners from AC Schnitzer is addressed only to front axle, and consists of two brake discs and two checkered modified holders. The new braking system from AC Schnitzer fits all models Mini Cooper S, both belonging to the current generation, and those of the previous generation.

Sports braking package from AC Schnitzer are holds with four pistons, while the brake discs have size 328 x 28 mm. Besides the four elements, the braking kit contains a set of plates for sport brake and two steel hoses for fluid brake, along with a set of carriers for holds.

At cold, braking from 100 km / h is achieved in 35.5 meters with 1.6 meters less than the standard version of Mini Cooper S. The difference between the kit and AC Schnitzer’s brakes standard of Mini is better understood once the disks and plates were heated, the model is able to stop in just 35.2 meters from 100 km / h when the brakes are equipped with ACS, while the standard version hamper at the same speed in 38.2 meters.

Source: AC Schnitzer

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