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In big cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, car sales premium and deluxe suites remain at a stable level. The central streets are overcrowded with expensive black sedans and coupes. Logical phenomenon has people’s need for tuning of its cloned stallions.

In November last year at the ESSEN MOTORSHOW in Germany would have traditionally involved the company TopCar, which has prepared two surprises! Moscow company will present at the court of world public two of its new project – the Porsche Panamera Stingray and proper Bentley Continental GT Bullet.

One of the Bentley Continental GT Bullet has already found its master in Moscow. And the owner allowed to meet his car closer and make a photo session. For shooting, we have chosen as a background for an ancient building, built in 1894 by famous Moscow architect Arnold Ernstovich Erichson in Neo-Renaissance. In our opinion, such an architecture is very well complements the character of the car.

The motto of the new vector in the coupe styling has become “more fighting, the same generosity.” Gentleman Continental GT took tweed jacket and put on a dress coat Bullet.

The first thing to note for themselves in the exterior compartment – a black matte finish. Of course, the option of wrapping film was removed at once – it is not worthy of the Bentley and tuning studio. Car is painted a special semi-matt paint and covered with lacquer. With this in images and in the life of the car looks unusual and mysterious. Told the owner, many friends, seeing the car, I involuntarily stretch to touch the cover!

Second, it is worth noting – it is an abundant use of carbon fiber. They finished with many elements eskterera. Lower carbon regiment front bumper visually continues, again, the bottom part of the logical threshold and passes into the diffuser on the rear bumper. Because carbon is the same wing on the trunk and insert into slots on the bonnet. Carbon ensemble is crowned rims forged wheels GT Speed 20-th radius painted Sarbon colour.

Now about the design of the weight. Visually, you can trace the line – an edge that starts on the rear bumper, passing through the gills, continues on the side skirt. By becoming more explicit, permeates the gills of the front bumper, it is logical turning in LED lights on the frontal plane. As can be seen in the photographs – all the lines smooth and graceful.

Also, for the overall color composition, some elements have been finalized. Shadowed rear lights, grille GT Speed was replaced by chrome on black gloss. Home optics acquired expressiveness – the inner surface of the headlamp is now black. Lame shiny now only emblems Bentley and tips exhaust system.

Worth attention and technical side.

Here, perhaps, the most interesting point is the same kit. It is made from carbon-Kevlar on special technology. This reduced the mass of the vehicle. Now the herd of 560 horses under the hood will be easier to break up this car. This increased stiffness, which can be attributed to a plus. Other technical elements remained unchanged. This means that the life of this great car will remain the same as it laid the factory trained engineers.

All tasks have been fulfilled: to exclusivity added uniqueness, while not losing anything, and even becoming a little faster.

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