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Take your Hammer and drive it sexy: CFC® company with its head office in Weilheim has trimmed its Hummer with a striking “chrome” lamination. Tarted up with every imaginable outfit, the sport-style H2 steadily takes the lead. Some vehicles are completely laminated afterwards, the others, on the contrary, already have it right inside. The Hummer by CFC® has it both: it’s a Hummer to stare at and to speak about.

The trend of decorating a car with film to create a noticeable work of art had already been attempted by the CFC® years ago. In the meantime, this exceptional art of car lamination was outstandingly applied… and this is really great!

The motor hood was covered with CFC® ExteriorStyle Premium “black carbon”, and side windows, along with the rear window, were furnished with CutLine ThermoTec® of the “classic-style” colour.

The installed 28-incher TunerShop light-alloy tyre rims, for example, produce the same attractive and fear-arousing effect as the outside appearance. They carry mammoth-sized 325/35 R28 pneumatic tyres by Kumho.

The Wimmer technology of performance improvement by means of software optimization by 480 hp, LSD wing doors, as well as FOX sports exhaust system make every Hummer a dangerous monster of the streets.

The Hummer driver can enjoy the saucy performance to the full in a totally stuffed cabin: Car Entertainment devices create a sort of incantation here. Among other things, there are 17 Axion displays (on the ceiling, sunscreen, central console between the front seats, trunk and doors), a DVD-player, XETEC amplifiers, XETEC subwoofers and digital television to feast your eyes on. For the “musical therapy” a 1.360-Watt RMS music system is available.

Front and backward movement cameras simplify the parking process. Everyone who appreciates convenience can comfortably sit on the leather couch right next to the mini-bar. No other thing compares to the mix of leather and Alcantara which was used as coating material for the most of surface of seats and saloon siding and was covered by the auto tuners Zwickenpflüg.

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