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In September 2009, TECHART opened up a new chapter in the company’s history with the presentation of the Individualization program for the Porsche Panamera Turbo. Just a few weeks ago, the individualization offer was able to be extended for the Porsche Panamera S and 4S models. This is reason enough to present the TECHART diversity for the 4th Porsche series to exhibition visitors at the Geneva Motor-Show. At Lake Geneva, the program for the Porsche Panamera Turbo is on display with individualization in the exterior, interior and multimedia areas, rounded off with a comprehensive technology range.

TECHART in every detail

True to the main principle “OE quality in every detail”, the extraordinary TECHART character was breathed into the Panamera model series. In the Aerodynamic Kit I, the four-seaters present themselves powerful and elegant at the same time. The triple-part front spoiler, made of PU-RIM, subtly highlights the Panamera’s dynamics and also reduces the lift on the front axle while simultaneously improving brake cooling. Side sills calm the airflow beneath the vehicle and form a dynamic line layout from the side view. The rear wing and rear diffuser support stability on the road and also underline the consequential design at the rear together with the oval TECHART dual tail pipes.

The original TECHART light metal wheels epitomize a unique style. The elegant 21-inch TECHART Formula, sporty 22-inch TECHART Formula II or Formula III forged 5-spoke light metal wheels are available to choose from for the Porsche Panamera. For the necessary road grip, Conti Sport Contact 3 or tires from the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 brand are recommended.

Quality and dynamics – inside and out

Hand-created masterpieces are produced every day in the company’s own saddlery. Carefully selected materials and color combinations are the basis used to turn the personality of TECHART customers into reality. The extensive TECHART individualization program for the Panamera model range includes a complete leather interior in individual colors, decorative stitching in aligned threads, details such as handles to match the interior color or foot mats with leather borders for almost unlimited vehicle personalization. The decorative strips in matt, sanded ash wood, which are only available for the Panamera individualization program, offer the driver unique exclusivity in the interior. The TECHART 3-spoken sport steering wheel and dials in the interior color round off this sporty-elegant line.

Convincing top performances

TECHART performance kits are the result of the unique art of engineering and years of experience. TECHART has developed performance boosters of 60 or 150 PS for the Porsche Panamera Turbo. The performance kit is completed by the TECHART engine styling package, the TECHART exhaust system “Sport” with mufflers and the TECHART sport tail pipes in polished stainless steel with the embossed TECHART logotype.

Strong personality on the TECHART exhibition stand

In Geneva, TECHART presents its strong personality with the individualization of the Porsche Panamera Turbo, which shines due to the unique combination of the sporty look teamed with elegance. The completely black exterior of the vehicle shows itself as breathtakingly elegant and excitingly sporty in the Aerodynamic Kit I. The color combination of the bourbon and black designed interior is consequentially TECHART and full of character with the TECHART exotic wood kit in anthracite. TECHART also knows how to score points in the area of multimedia. The entertainment package in the Twin Version with head-rest monitors and integrated DVD player also guarantees an extraordinary driving experience on the back seats.

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