The Audi S8 5.2l V10 by Mariani

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What may be a white Audi S8 with the rims 19 or 20, prepared by a tuner called Mariani than a true pimp car?

Audi S8 is not the standard configuration, a model very ostentatious, being a car with a even conservative image. However, if the tuner is entitled Mariani, a very strange name for a german tuner and main ingredient is white; this model comes about as Audi highlights.

Audi S8 is discreet, but still out. This seems to be the best description of the images below. And although the changes are limited, they make presence felt.

And to attract more attention to design, the grill is placed on the opposite side of the chromatic spectator, in strong contrast with spotless color. Guard ramp is lowered by 60 mm and rims fitted to this model are prepared either 19 inches or 20.

V10 propelling power is climbed from 450 HP to 501 HP. About dynamic improvements does not say anything, but we expect this model to reach 100 km / h in less than 5 seconds, and in standard version in 5.1 seconds.

Source: Mariani

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