The Balrog Cayenne Turbo by Jeremie Paret

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The last work of designer Jeremie Paret seems to be an aggressive and elegant transformation of the bodykit of a Porsche Cayenne Balrog. The entire operation lasted for 8 months, and now Jeremie Paret is proud to show to the world the expected result. The car brings news in terms of performance and interior.

The new kit for the Porsche Cayenne Balrog includes a new bumper borrowed from the Cayenne Turbo. Besides it, the new bar is coming and with a system for cooling the front brakes and for intermediate cooling.

Porsche Cayenne Balrog is also standard equipped: xenon nozzles and parking sensors. Kit’s brings and a new grille in the front of the car. At the back side, the new kit for the Porsche Cayenne Balrog brings a new spoiler.

It can be attached optional depending on the situation. Moreover, the drilled luxury grill offers an innovative design in automotive styling.

For a more aggressive look, Jeremie seem mounted on Porsche Cayenne Balrog a set of new lateral thresholds. But due to it turbo side lights and fog lights the new Porsche have a real angel eyes, a small touch of elegance.

The wide fenders allow the Balrog to fit very large wheels for an improved handling and an uncompromised style with big lips. At last, the side skirts finish giving to the Balrog it’s so different and eye-catching look.

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