The Golf R32 by Senner Tuning

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Individual tuner – Senner from the Rhineland has specialized for years in the refining of high-priced sports car. Senner has rebuilt once more a beautiful car: the Golf V R32.

Senner Tuning Tuner from Ingelheim offers increased performance of the Golf V R32. After the chip tuning makes the R32 274 HP and 339 Nm – 24 hp more than the production version. The extra performance is achieved in addition to the engine management change and the BMC Carbon Airbox by a reduced exhaust back pressure of the in-house stainless steel sport exhaust system with tailpipes GP.

Other distinctive features is the comprehensive package such as carbon, eg: roof spoiler, rear diffuser, mirror housings and front grill inserts, which have been refined in the outrageously expensive and visible carbon fiber. The front view was also equipped with LED daytime running lights, which come from the Audi S6 is the sporty looks to tighten even further.

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