The new Audi AS3 by ABT

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ABT unveiled a package of tuning for Audi A3 facelift. Tuner called modified car AS3 and says that is more than cosmetic surgery.

On the exterior we can notice some changes: changed grid, bonnet, and cover, front bumper and new lateral thresholds. Even the front LED lights have changed the shape.

In this way appears AS3, a more sports and more nervous Audi A3. Most engines were adjusted by ABT results are the following:

• 1.4 TSI – 160cp (125 Stock)
• 1.8 TSI – 210cp (160 Stock)
• 2.0 TDI – 240CP (200 Stock)
• 2.0 TDI – 170cp (140 Stock)
• 2.0 TDI – 190cp (170 stock)

It goes without saying that the AS3 does not just look fast, but is fast too. This is because ABT POWER also brings the engines up to speed. ABT also offers performance increases for the two-litre turbo diesel: depending on the starting power output either 170HP (125kW) or 190HP (140kW) is achieved – and both bring plenty of torque with them.

In order to utilize the well-trained “ABT horses” in the best possible way on the road, ABT Performance Springs are recommended. Thanks to the lowering of the car`s centre of gravity by around 35 millimeters the agility of the AS3 is improved, which makes itself felt especially at corners.

The ABT braking unit with its disc diameter of 345 millimeters provides the best deceleration values, even in borderline areas. All components have been tuned to the AS3, making the compact ABT a real sports car, both on the inside and outside.

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