The new Mercedes-Benz SL 500 by Lorinser

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The Mercedes-Benz SL is the most cultivated and at the same time most fascinating among the sports cars of our time.

Sportservice Lorinser has reset the jewel among sports cars: the aerodynamic body parts of the Swabian vehicle customiser are fascinatingly reminiscent of the original racing car character, when the letters SL still stood for “Sport Light”.

The front is shaped by a new spoiler bumper that is characterised by three giant openings with racing grill inserts as well as a blade shaped spoiler hung below in the middle.

The integrated end-to-end lip flows seamlessly into the widely flared Lorinser fender. Its slanted, larger air inlets represent the aura of the original even more strongly than the already successful series version. Additional distinctive elements of the side line are the new side skirts that are also characterised in the rear part by large air openings.

The RS 9 wheel is full of energy, and this central theme also applies especially to the design of the rear of the vehicle: while the series model tends to appear rather simple here, the Lorinser spoiler bumper draws a great deal of power from its strong contours.

The observer here not only immediately notices the diffuser inset with sporty grill, but also the sculpturally moulded semi-gondolas. They house the end tips of the exhaust system with their four openings. It’s clear that the Roadster not only produces hot air, but is also developing a gigantic forward thrust.

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