VW Scirocco Sportec SC 350

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The new VW Scirocco is once again becoming an object of great fascination for car tuners. The most recent version is presented by Swiss HighEnd Tuner Sportec: the program consists of a performance optimisation, a sports suspension, elegant rims and other generally enhancing engineering components.

For the 2 litre gasoline engine and 200hp, performance optimisations are available – from 240hp to 350hp. The maximum torque takes a giant leap from 280 to 480 newton metres that is in the top version.

The performance is achieved by the interaction between the engine electronics and the stainless steel exhaust system, a Sportec turbocharger, a charge-air intercooler and the modified fuel system.

The Sportec  improved handling characteristics and transverse dynamics for the suspension, they not only lower the coupe by 35 millimetres, but are also in perfect harmony with the electronically adjustable shock-absorber system DCC.

The differential lock Sportec has added further enhances the Scirocco’s grip by several degrees during racier trip sequences.

Inside, passengers may enjoy a 4 part floor mat set, made of soft velour and a multi-part carbon interior with Sportec logo. Therefore, the Sportec SC 350 is not only fast and sporty, but also a seductively sensuous experience.

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